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  1. Andy Hodgkinson says:

    Hi Daniel, I’m reading and enjoying your book at the moment. I’m a Librarian at Gateshead Central Library and also the organiser of our Anime Attacks convention which takes place on October 21st this year. I was wondering if you were free to come and talk about your book and your adventures in Japan, if you are we can talk about it some more but hope you are keen and look forward to hearing back from you. Cheers, Andy.

    1. dsd_uk says:

      Hi there Andy,

      I thank you kindly for getting in touch and I’m really chuffed that you’re enjoying the book. The convention sounds great and normally it would be something that I would indeed be interested in. Alas, in a short while I shall be embarking on my next project that will see me overseas and out of sight for a considerable time.

      I do however wish the event every success and that you enjoy the rest of the book.

      Kind regards,

  2. Andy says:

    Very sorry for the fantastically late reply, but hope the new overseas project has worked out and if you ever fancy coming to our Library to promote you book just let me know. best wishes,


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