My facebook site:

And here be a list of links to pages and people that have helped me out along the way both directly and inspirationally .. ….. but not mentally:

  •  Three lads from North America that cycled Japan south to north  over a couple a months, nice little documentary and downloadable ebook of journals from their travels:

  • I like Tom, he’s a nice guy, had himself quite an adventure a few years back cycling across a vast portion of the Earth, very insightful guy and has released a great documentary called ‘Janapar’. Check him out:

  • This is my mate Toni, one of the best blokes I’ve had the honor of meeting over my years of travelling. Toni’s an experienced travel cyclist having cycled around Iceland, New Zealand and most recently Indonesia. Toni’s a greedy bitch boy though having two sites, One in Spanish, the other in Spanglish. Toni also likes to have sex with all the girls.!quiensoy/mainPage

  • Nigel the Kiwi traversed some 3000km around Japan back in 2011, here’s his journal:

  • Meet Corey, he cycled some 3, 476 miles around Japan.

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