East Anglia 2013 – Day 7

Thursday 12th September

And so drawith to an end my mini-Anglian excursion. Heading out of Ely and ever deeper into the Fens, along the wash and then back home to March. A basic and bland final leg, but having grown up in the area I’d overdosed on near enough everything the Fens has to offer bar it’s fantastic skyscapes. Today being slightly overcast however, was not to be one of those picture enticing events, hence the one solitary picture I squeezed out of today’s excursion. It all became more of a rush to get home so I can cure my craving for vast amounts of chocolate, putting the day’s work out to a perfect waste.

Agricultural orgy.
Agricultural orgy.

Arriving home I felt glad that I’d managed to complete my trip without cheating. When the weather turned on me it became all so very tempting when I got to Thurston in Suffolk to just jump on a train back home, especially after such a shitty couple of nights. But alas with gritted teeth I got on with it. One had to bear in mind that if/when the shit hits the fan whilst cycling around Japan one won’t just be able to jump on a train to salvation.

In the beginning my legs and whole body were aching like a mother trucker, towards the end of the week the aches were still present, be more confined. My body had to some degree adapted to the sudden stress it was being provoked with. This I was happy with, and the fact that there were no breakages and more importantly, no deliverance-esque rapes upon traversing through deepest, darkest Norfolk.

It only remains to be seen if I can tackle Japan next year. I’m still more than ready for the challenge, even if it has become clear that my bicycle is not. But that issue will be resolved before departure. I hope.

Start: 10:30 Ely
Finish: 13:00 March
Distance: 26.03 miles
Calories burnt: 821k
Total Run time: 43:38


Distance: 356.87 miles
Calories burnt: 13493k
Max Speed: 30.7mph
Run Time: 43:38
Average Speed: 8.1mph

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