East Anglia 2013 – Day 2

Saturday 7th September

Snettisham to Salle

Slept reasonably well on my first night, despite a Tawny Owl’s persistence in ‘hoo’ ing for a good proportion of the night. I was obviously on his patch and he wasn’t best pleased about the matter. But I left the site as I found it so hopefully there will be no hard feelings. Rising at dawn to get a good start to the day, the skies were clear and I was hopeful of putting in some good millage.

My legs would certainly be put through their paces today as I coerced into north Norfolk, the rolling coastline making sure I was battling a multitude of hills on my rounds from Old Hunstanton to Cley before heading inland in the direction of Aylsham. Learning curve number one was that I was most definitely carrying way to much tinned crap, at least 5 days’ worth of tuna and fruit, weighing me down making hills rather troublesome and tedious. The joy however was in descending the hills, here you can relax and let gravity do the honours. At one point I tippled just over 30mph, so the hard work definitely does pay off in exchange for cheap thrills.

Holkham Hall, Norfolk

The weather remaining audaciously excellent throughout the day, just as my appetite, I was mostly cycling non-stop so built up quite the repertoire for hunger, at one point smashing a whole packet of NICE biscuits in just a shade under 4 minutes. I stopped in Well-On-Sea for a can of grapefruit having little knowledge beforehand that grapefruit tastes like utter shite. It’s unfathomable that folk could eat such muck.

I cycled pretty late into the night struggling to find somewhere to stealth camp. It was dark before I found a small plot in a farmers field on the outskirts of a small hamlet called Salle. Slightly risky business but with an element of excitement about it, essentially trespassing like this means that one would rise extra early to evade any conflicts and give the impression that no one had ever been there. So that’s why you would call it stealth camping, or ghost camping, or ninja camping….or just being plain stupid, but the later doesn’t sound overly adventurous so I mostly don’t coin it.
Blending into the night I noshed a couple or cans of tuna and went to ground with haste.

Start: 06:45 Snettisham
Finish: 21:00 Salle
Distance: 75.38 miles
Average speed: 9.4 mph
Calories burnt: 3216k
Total Run time: 15:41

Aylsham, Norfolk

Old Hunstanton F.C, Norfolk

End of the Road - Cley

Holkham Hall Obelisk, Norfolk

Wells Next The Sea, Norfolk

Warham, Norfolk

Old Boys, Warham, Norfolk

Binham Priory, Norfolk

The Fens


Salle, Norfolk

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